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Bare acts > Central Vigilance Commission Act, 2003 > Section 9


9. Proceedings of Commission.-(1) The proceedings of the Commission shall be conducted at its headquarters.

(2) The Commission may, by unanimous decision, regulate the procedure for transaction of its business as also allocation of its business amongst the Central Vigilance Commissioner and other Vigilance Commissioners.

(3) Save as provided in sub-section (2), all business of the Commission shall, as far as possible, be transacted unanimously.

(4) Subject to the provisions of sub-section (3), if the Central Vigilance Commissioner and other Vigilance Commissioners differ in opinion on any matter, such matter shall be decided according to the opinion of the majority.

(5) The Central Vigilance Commissioner, or, if for any reason he is unable to attend any meeting of the Commission, the senior-most Vigilance Commissioner present at the meeting, shall preside at the meeting.

(6) No act or proceeding of the Commission shall be invalid merely by reason of-

(a) any vacancy in, or any defect in the constitution of, the Commission; or

(b) any defect in the appointment of a person acting as the Central Vigilance Commissioner or as a Vigilance Commissioner; or

(c) any irregularity in the procedure of the Commission not affecting the merits of the case.





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