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Bare acts > Central Universities Act, 2009 
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RULESCentral Universities Act, 2009
1.Short title and commencement
3.Establishment of Universities
4.Effect of establishment of Universities
5.Objects of University
6.Powers of University
7.University open to all castes, creed, race or class
8.Visitor of University
9.Officers of University
13.Deans of Schools
15.Finance Officer
16.Controller of Examinations
18.Other officers
19.Authorities of University
20.The Court
21.Executive Council
22.Academic Council
23.Boards of Studies
24.Finance Committee
25.Other authorities of University
26.Powers to make Statutes
27.Statutes, how to be made
28.Power to make Ordinances
30.Annual report
31.Annual accounts
32.Returns and information
33.Conditions of service of employees, etc
34.Procedure of appeal and arbitration in disciplinary cases against students
35.Right to appeal
36.Provident and pension funds
37.Disputes as to constitution of authorities and bodies
38.Filling of casual vacancies
39.Proceedings of authorities or bodies not invalidated by vacancies
40.Protection of action taken in good faith
41.Mode of proof of University record
42.Power to remove difficulties
43.Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations to be published in the Official Gazette and to be laid before Parliament
44.Transitional provisions
45.Amendment of Madhya Pradesh Act 22 of 1973
46.Amendment of President's Act 10 of 1973
47.Repeal and savings




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