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Bare acts > Central Industrial Security Force Act, 1968
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Central Industrial Security Force Act, 1968

As amended upto date

1.Short title, extent and commencement
3.Constitution of the Force
4.Appointment and powers of supervisory officers
5.Appointment of enrolled members of the Force
6.Certificates of members of the Force
7.Superintendence and administration of the Force
8.Dismissal, removal, etc., of members of the Force
9.Appeal and revision
10.Duties of members of the Force
11.Power to arrest without warrant
12.Power to search without warrant
13.Procedure to be followed after arrest
14.Deputation of the Force to industrial undertakings in public sector, joint venture or private sector
14-A.Technical Consultancy Service to industrial establishments
15.Officers and members of the Force to be considered always on duty and liable to be employed anywhere in India
15-A.Restrictions respecting right to form association, etc
16.Responsibilities of members of the Force during suspension
17.Surrender of certificate, arms, etc., by persons ceasing to be members of the Force
18.Penalties for neglect of duty, etc
19.Application of Act 22 of 1922 to officers and members of the Force
20.Certain Acts not to apply to members of the Force
21.Protection of acts of officers and members of the Force
22.Power to make rules



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