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Bare acts > Capital Gains Accounts Scheme, 1988 > Scheme 11

11. Nomination by the depositor.- (1) A depositor may nominate in Form E or as near thereto as possible, one or more persons but not exceeding three to receive the amount standing to his credit in account-A or account-B, as the case may be, in the event of his death before the amount has become payable or having become payable, has not been paid.

(2) No nominations shall be made in respect of an account opened on behalf of a minor or a Hindu undivided family or a firm or a company or an association of persons or a body of individuals.

(3) A nomination made by a depositor may be varied by a fresh nomination in Form F or as near thereto as possible, by giving notice in writing to the deposit office in which the account stands.

(4) Every nomination and every cancellation or variation thereof shall be registered in the deposit office and shall be effective from the date of such registration, the particulars of which in the case of a deposit in account-A shall be entered in the pass book and in the case of a deposit in account-B shall be entered in the deposit receipt issued by the deposit office.

(5) If the nominee is a minor, the depositor may appoint any person to receive the amount due under the account in the event of the death of the depositor during the minority of the nominee.

(6) Where the nomination is in favour of more than one person, the nominee first named shall alone have the right to receive the amount standing to the credit in the account of the deceased depositor.

(7) Where the nominee first named has pre-deceased the depositor and the depositor has not cancelled the nomination or substituted the nomination, the nominee second named shall be entitled to receive the amount standing to the credit in the account of the deceased depositor and so on in respect of other successive nominees:

Provided that if any nominee is dead, the surviving nominee or nominees shall, in addition to the proof of death of the depositor, also furnish proof of death of the deceased nominee or nominees, as the case may be.





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