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Bare acts > Architects Act, 1972 > Section 24

24. First preparation of register.- (1) For the purposes of preparing the register of architects for the first time, the Central Government shall, by notification in the Official Gazette, constitute a Registration Tribunal consisting of three persons who have, in the opinion of the Central Government, the knowledge of, or experience in, architecture; and the Registrar appointed under section 12 shall act as Secretary of the Tribunal.

(2) The Central Government shall, by the same or a like notification, appoint a date on or before which application for registration, which shall be accompanied by such fee as may be prescribed by rules, shall be made to the Registration Tribunal.

(3) The Registration Tribunal shall examine every application received on or before the appointed day and if it is satisfied that the applicant is qualified for registration under section 25, shall direct the entry of the name of the applicant in the register.

(4) The first register so prepared shall thereafter be published in such manner as the Central Government may direct and any person aggrieved by a decision of the Registration Tribunal expressed or implied I the register so published may, within thirty days from the date of sue publication, appeal against such decision to an authority appointed the Central Government in this behalf by notification in the Official Gazette.

(5) The authority appointed under sub-section (4) shall, after giving the person affected an opportunity of being heard and after calling for relevant records, make such order as it may deem lit.

(6) The Registrar shall amend, where necessary, the register in accordance with the decisions of the authority appointed under sub-section (4).

(7) Every person whose name is entered in the register shall be issued a certificate of registration in such form as may be prescribed by rules.

(8) Upon the constitution of the Council, the register shall be given into its custody, and the Central Government may direct that the whole or any specified part of the application fees for registration in the first register shall be paid to the credit of the Council.





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