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Bare acts > Advocates' Welfare Fund Act, 2001 > Section 8

8. Meetings of Trustee Committee.- (1) The Trustee Committee shall meet at least once in every three calendar months and at least four such meetings shall be held in every year to transact business under this Act and the rules made thereunder.

(2) Three Members of the Trustee Committee shall form the quorum for a meeting of the Trustee Committee.

(3) The Chairperson of the Trustee Committee or, if for any reason, he is unable to attend a meeting of the Trustee Committee, any other Member chosen by the Members of the Trustee Committee present from amongst themselves at the meeting shall preside at the meeting.

(4) All questions which come up in a meeting of the Trustee Committee shall be decided by a majority vote of the Members of the Trustee Committee present and voting, and, in the event of an equality of votes, the Chairperson, or in his absence, the Member of the Trustee Committee presiding, shall have a second or casting vote.





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