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Advocates Act, 1961

1.Short title, extent and commencement
3.State Bar Councils
4.Bar Council of India
5.Bar Council to be body corporate
6.Functions of State Bar Councils
7.Functions of Bar Council of India
7-A.Membership in international bodies
8.Term of office of members of State Bar Council
8-A.Constitution of Special Committee in the absence of election
9.Disciplinary committees
9-A.Constitution of legal aid committees
10.Constitution of committees other than disciplinary committees
10-A.Transaction of business by Bar Councils and committees thereof
10-B.Disqualification of members of Bar Council
11.Staff of Bar Council
12.Accounts and Audit
13.Vacancies in Bar Council and committees thereof not to invalidate action taken
14.Election to Bar Councils not to be questioned on certain grounds
15.Power to make rules
16.Senior and other advocates
17.State Bar Councils to maintain roll of advocates
18.Transfer of name from one State roll to another
19.State Bar Councils to send copies of rolls of advocates to the Bar Council of India
20.Special provision for enrolment of certain Supreme Court advocates
21.Disputes regarding seniority
22.Certificate of enrolment
23.Right of pre-audience
24.Persons who may be admitted as advocates on a State roll
24-A.Disqualification for enrolment
25.Authority to whom applications for enrolment may be made
26.Disposal of applications for admission as an advocate
26-A.Power to remove names from roll
27.Application once refused not to be entertained by another Bar Council except in certain circumstances
28.Power to make rules
29.Advocates to be the only recognised class of persons entitled to practise law
30.Right of advocates to practise
32.Power of court to permit appearances in particular cases
33.Advocates alone entitled to practise
34.Power of High Courts to make rules
35.Punishment of advocates for misconduct
36.Disciplinary powers of Bar Council of India
36-A.Changes in constitution of disciplinary committees
36-B.Disposal of disciplinary proceedings
37.Appeal to the Bar Council of India
38.Appeal to the Supreme Court
39.Application of sections 5 and 12 of Limitation Act, 1963
40.Stay of order
41.Alteration in roll of advocates
42.Powers of disciplinary committee
42-A.Powers of Bar Council of India and other committees
43.Cost of proceedings before a disciplinary committees
44.Review of orders by disciplinary committee
45.Penalty for persons illegally practising in courts and before other authorities
46-A.Financial assistance to State Bar Council
48.Indemnity against legal proceedings
48-A.Power of revision
48-B.Power to give directions
49.General power of the Bar Council of India to make rules
49-A.Power of Central Government to make rules
50.Repeal of certain enactments
51.Rule of construction
53.Elections to first State Bar Council
54.Term of office of members of first State Bar Councils
55.Rights of certain existing legal practitioners not affected
56.Dissolution of existing Bar Councils
57.Power to make rules pending the constitution of a Bar Council
58.Special provisions during the transitional period
58-A.Special provisions with respect to certain advocates
58-AA.Special provisions in relation to the Union territory of Pondicherry
58-AB.Special provisions with respect to certain persons enrolled by Mysore State Bar Council
58-AC.Special provisions with respect to certain persons enrolled by Uttar Pradesh State Bar Council
58-AD.Special provisions with respect to certain persons migrating to India
58-AE.Special provisions in relation to the Union territory of Goa, Daman and Diu
58-AF.Special provisions in relation to Jammu and Kashmir
58-AG.Special provisions in relation to articled clerks
58-B.Special provision relating to certain disciplinary proceedings
59.Removal of difficulties
60.Power of Central Government to make rules



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