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Bare acts > Actuaries Act, 2006
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SECTIONSActuaries Act, 2006
 CHAPTER I: Preliminary
1.Short title, extent and commencement
 CHAPTER II: Institute of Actuaries of India
3.Incorporation of Institute
4.Transfer of assets, liabilities, etc., of Actuarial Society
5.Objects of Institute
6.Entry of names in register
7.Associates and fellows
8.Honorary, affiliate and student members
9.Certificate of practice
10.Members to be known as Actuaries
12.Composition of Council of Institute
13.Annual general meetings
14.Re-election to Council
15.Settlement of disputes regarding election
16.Establishment of Tribunal
17.President, Vice-President and Honorary Secretary
18.Resignation from membership and filling up of casual vacancies
19.Functions of Council
20.Staff, remuneration and allowances
21.Committees of Council
22.Finances of Council
 CHAPTER III: Register of Members
24.Removal of name from Register
25.Re-entry in register
 CHAPTER IV: Misconduct
26.Disciplinary Committee
27.Appointment of Prosecution Director
28.Authority, Council, Disciplinary Committee and Prosecution Director to have powers of civil court
29.Action by Council on Disciplinary Committee's report
30.Member to be afforded opportunity of being heard
31.Professional or other misconduct defined
 CHAPTER V: Appeals
32.Constitution of Appellate Authority
33.Term of office of Members of Authority
34.Allowances, conditions of service of Members and procedure, etc., of Authority
35.Officers and other staff of Authority
36.Appeal to Authority
 CHAPTER VI: Penalties
37.Penalty for falsely claiming to be a member, etc
38.Penalty for using name of Institution, awarding degrees of actuarial science, etc
39.Companies not to engage in actuarial practice
40.Unqualified person not to sign documents
41.Offences by companies
42.Sanction to prosecute
 CHAPTER VII: Quality Review Board
43.Establishment of Quality Review Board
44.Functions of Board
45.Procedure of Board
46.Terms and conditions of Chairperson and Members of Board
47.Expenditure of Board
 CHAPTER VIII: Dissolution of the Actuarial Society of India registered under the Societies Registration Act
48.Dissolution of Actuarial Society of India
49.Provisions respecting employees of dissolved society
 CHAPTER IX: Miscellaneous
50.Maintenance of more than one offices by Actuary
52.Power of Central Government to issue directions
53.Protection of action taken in good faith
54.Members, etc., to be public servants
55.Power of Central Government to make rules
56.Power to make regulations
57.Power of Central Government to issue directions for making or amending regulations
58.Laying of rules and regulations
59.Power to remove difficulties





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