All-India Services Regulations (Indemnity) Act, 1975All-India Services Regulations (Indemnity) Act, 1975All-India Services Regulations (Indemnity) Act, 1975

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2. Indemnity .- The Central Government and all officers responsible for the laying of any regulation made before the commencement of this Act under or in pursuance of any rule made under the All-India Services Act, 1951(61 of 1951), are, and each of them is, hereby freed discharged and indemnified from and against all consequences, whatsoever, if any, incurred or to be incurred by them or the Central Government or any such officer by reason of any omission in this behalf to lay such regulation before Parliament and every such regulation shall for all purposes be deemed to have been duly laid before Parliament and shall have effect and shall be deemed always to have had effect accordingly.





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