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Do and Donít during filing Rajya Sabha Nomination Papers


- If a candidate is filing nomination paper for reserved constituency, a declaration specifying particular caste or tribe and area in relation to which that case or tribe is a Schedule Caste or, as the case may be, a Scheduled Tribe of the State.

- If Candidate is set up by a political party, the nomination paper must be subscribed by ten percent of the elected members of the legislative assembly or ten percent of the members of Electoral College.

- If Candidate is not set up by a political party, the nomination paper must be subscribed by ten proposers being electors of the constituency

- If a candidate was holding an office under Government of India or under Government of any states and he was dismissed from services and a period of five years has not elapsed since the dismissal, nomination paper must accompany a certificate issued in the prescribed manner by the Election Commission to the effect that he has not been dismissed for corruption or disloyalty.

- If a candidate is an elector of a different constituency, the nomination paper must accompany a copy of electoral roll of that constituency or of relevant part of it or a certified copy of relevant entries in such rolls. In case it is not filed with nomination paper, it must be produced before the returning officer at the time of scrutiny.

- A candidate must file the maximum prescribed numbers (four) of nomination forms in relation to a particular constituency, so that in case of discrepancies in one nomination paper the others must stand the scrutiny.

- The affidavits to be furnished must be on the non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. 20/-

- The affidavits must be duly attested by a notary public, appointed by Government of India.

- Any column in the nomination should not be left blank, (except otherwise as instructed in nomination paper itself)

- The contents, which are not applicable to a particular candidate, if directed to that effect in nomination paper, must be struck off.

- Candidate if set up by a political party must make sure that the party files along with nomination paper Form ‘AA” and Form “BB’

- Nomination forms and the forms to be send by a political party must be signed in ink

- A candidate must accompany oath in prescribed format along with the nomination papers.

- A candidate must deposit with the returning officer a sum of rupees Ten thousand (rupees five thousand in case of a SC/ST Candidate) in cash or in Reserve Bank of India or Government Treasury.

- Candidate should submit the nomination papers to returning officer, at designated place, between 11 o’clock (forenoon) and 3 O’clock (after noon) by himself or by his proposers, except on public holiday

- A candidate should make sure that the nomination form should be neatly and cleanly filled.

- A candidate should be physically present at the time of scrutiny of nomination papers.

- A candidate if possible be present at the time of scrutiny with his proposers, to counter the allegation by any one that the proposer’s signature is not genuine.


- Form must not be signed by facsimile signature or signature by means of rubber stamp

- Affidavit must not be below value of Rs 20/-

- Form should not be transmitted by fax or by other means except by physical submission by hand

- Make sure that form should not contain cuttings marks.




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