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Check List of Documents to be filed for Rajya Sabha Nomination

Duly filled Form 2C appended to the Conduct of Election Rules, 1961

(The Form is required to be signed by the candidates and (proposed) by ten percent of the elected members of the Legislative Assembly of a State or the members of the electoral college of a Union Territory, as the case may be, or ten members concerned, which is less.)

Maximum four nomination papers can only be presented in respect of one candidate

An oath or affirmation according to the form provided in the Third Schedule to the constitution

Where a candidate is an elector of a different constituency, a copy of electoral roll of that constituency or of the relevant part thereof or a certified copy of the relevant entries in such roll

Affidavit sworn by candidate as to whether he is an accused of any offence in which charges has been framed by court of competent jurisdiction or that he has been convicted of an offence and sentenced to imprisonment for one year or more

Affidavit sworn by candidate as to detail of his assets



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