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20. Disqualification for office of member of board of directors.- A person shall be disqualified for being appointed as, and for being, a member of the board of directors of a State Food Corporation--

(a) if he is, or at any time has been, adjudicated insolvent or has suspended payment of his debts or has compounded with his creditors; or

(b) if he is of unsound mind and stands so declared by a competent court; or

(c) if he is or has been convicted of any offence which in the opinion of the Central Government involves moral turpitude; or

(d) if he has been removed or dismissed from the service of the Government or a corporation owned or controlled by the Government; or

(e) except in the case of the Chairman or the General Manager, if he is a salaried official of the Food Corporation of Indian or a State Food Corporation.





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